Remote Spirit Release for Two

Remote Spirit Release for Two

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Our physical bodies have an immune system which functions to keep our physical body in  good health. We as humans also possess a spiritual body as well; our soul. There exists subtle  energetic fields that are in place around us to protect our spiritual body. Some may refer to  these fields as auras or etheric fields.  

Our job as RSR practitioners is to connect to your etheric field and review the health of the field  layer by layer, removing anything negative and also making repairs. This is a strict step by step  protocol. We work as a team of intuitives to conduct this work remotely on Zoom. If you are  familiar with Shamanism, this runs in the same vein as soul retrieval. We work directly with our  spirit guides as we have been trained. The fee for this service is $150 for one and $275 for two.  

This is a remote service. Once the work is completed, you will receive an audio recording of the service. Guidance for aftercare is also included. Lead time is up to 21 days. If your clearing is urgent, please get in touch ahead of time to enquire about current lead times. No refunds.

Below you will find the protocol and a few frequently asked questions. Thanks so much for  your interest.  

  1. Is the client sovereign? This means, is the client in sole possession of their etheric body  and is it clear of any negative entities or energies. These entities could be dark force  entities. Is there damage that needs to be repaired? 
  2. Is the client grounded? This is the connection to the body and to the Earth. 
  3. Is the inner etheric body healthy? This is the part of the field closest to the body. There can  be a variety of negative entities here. 
  4. The 7 chakras are then inspected, repaired, balanced and harmonized. The chakras are  energy centers within the physical body. 
  5. Are there any inter dimensional parasites around the client? These are non conscious  annoyances in the field that will be removed. 
  6. Are there any open portals to be closed? Portals are energetic gateways that may or may not be of benefit. 
  7. Are there any earth bound spirits attached to the client? If so, they are removed. 
  8. Are there any self created thought forms that are creating negativity for the client? If so, we  replace those with positive thought forms and remove the negative. 
  9. Are there any contracts or Karmic agreements from past lives and present, that can be closed? 
  10. Are there any dissociated sub personalities? If so, we reintegrate them. 
  11. Are there any physical abnormalities or health challenges that need to be healed or sent light to? 
  12. What was the origin of the client’s vulnerability? In other words, why was the client  compromised? This answer may be brief or multi layered. Moving forward, is there any advice from the Spirit Guide or higher self of the client?



  1. What is a dark force entity? These are intelligent and conscious non human dark energies  that can create tremendous upheaval if they are to breach the etheric field.
  1. What is an earthbound spirit? Sometimes souls don’t move “toward the Light” after they  transition from the physical to the non-physical. There are various reasons for this. The most  common are a sudden and tragic death, guilt, fear of punishment, and restrictive belief  systems. Most refer to earthbound spirits as ghosts.  
  2. What is a dissociated sub personality? Soul/self fragmentation can occur as the result of  fear, perceived trauma, stress, or truly any event in which the person could not fully deal with  the event. That fragmentation can weaken the true essence of the self as a whole. 
  3. What is a Spirit Guide? An entity that remains as a discarnate spirit to act as a guide or  protector to a living human being. Think of spirit guides as tenured professors. 
  4. What is the Higher Self? It is your connection to your unconscious. It is the part of you that  has not been wounded by judgements or prejudices. It is YOU at your purest level untainted.

In case you have questions, please check the FAQ section of our website before reaching out!