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We are so happy you have visited our website! We hope that you receive what you came here for and that Spirit’s Wisdom and Guidance facilitates you in your journey here on.


My name is Erin. I began my career path as an ocular disease professor and practicing optometrist. I spent several years feeling fulfilled in that work of teaching and patient care. Spirit definitely had other plans for me!  In 2018, through a series of countless synchronicities, my spiritual awakening began accelerating at a rate that was indescribable. Mentors and teachers appeared from all over the world at exactly the right time.  I am happy to say that I am now serving my purpose as a healer. My passion is to be serving as a Remote Spirit Release practitioner.   You can read all about Spirit Release in our services menu. Aditi and I always work as a team in providing this service.  We began our work together primarily working with twin flames.  We are both on the twin flame journey ourselves and it was through that journey that we met and now have a beautiful partnership.  I was fortunate to train and receive certification from Dr. Terence Palmer, the creator of the Remote Spirit Release protocol. I work with two brilliant Shaman guides. Through working with them, I have been guided to further my study of Shamanism. I have received the Munay-Ki Rites and I believe these to be an integral component of my path. My awakening has also led me to be a practicing medium and tarot reader. Once again, Spirit presented me with fantastic mentors and teachers to assist me in these endeavors.

My hope and purpose is to offer you my most sincere assistance with your life’s journey; to empower you and provide guidance as you navigate your way through your soul’s evolution. 



My name is Aditi and I’m happy to be assisting you all in your journey through Spirit. I began my career path as a Clinical Psychologist working with individuals with Special needs and Mental Health Illnesses. I have closely worked with varied age groups ranging from infants to adults and specialised in several therapeutic techniques. Working with people, assisting them through their crisis and guiding them came naturally to me and is a big part of my life purpose.  Over the years, my style of therapy has evolved to an extent where I began using art and varied healing practices. Starting 2018, my life changed a 360 degree. With a roller coaster of life experiences, countless synchronicities and events, I became aware of my Spiritual Awakening and thereafter it accelerated. I took a fascination to Tarot and Oracle Card readings and used them in my personal journey. I designed my own Oracle Deck that I channeled through Spirit and Hand Painted. I began incorporating them in my therapy/counselling/coaching sessions and the response was magnificent. I then tapped into the practice of Mediumship and that led to profound clarity in terms of my path. I had the opportunity to train under various Mentors and Teachers who appeared on my journey at the right time. Remote Spirit Release became my passion and I’m happy to be serving it. I’ve trained under Charlotte, from Happy Souls 1111. Erin and I met while training, and ever since we have worked together. We began our work with the Twin Flame community and have expanded thereafter. I am on the Twin Flame Journey myself, and that has played a vital role in my spiritual awakening. I work with Archangel Michael and my primary guide Yogi is a descendent of Lord Shiva. He specialises in ancestral healing, karma and contracts. I’m also a Starseed and associate with Lemurian and Pleiadian Energies and closely work with the element of Water. 

I’m a believer of Magic and the power of Energy Healing. I’m blessed to be on this path serving my purpose as a healer. I hope to offer you guidance and assistance that comes forth through spirit for your highest good. I also hope this empowers you and helps you in your soul’s journey and evolution.