Intuitive Personal Coaching- 3 Sessions

Intuitive Personal Coaching- 3 Sessions

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What does this service entail?

Soul centered one on one intuitive life coaching will help you identify and embrace the spiritual, physical, and emotional opportunities in your life that will empower you to evolve and become seated in the right relationship with your true nature and authentic self. Intuitive tools like tarot and oracle cards may be utilised in addition to mediumship, Reiki, Spirit communication and Shamanic practices. These one on one sessions are tailor made for you to create tangible and practical pathways to help guide and support your unique journey.

Erin and Aditi come from diverse backgrounds and have trained over the years in several facets gaining insight into the various intuitive tools. Equipped with these along with their connection to the spirit realm, they both together have a lot to offer. These coaching sessions will be intuitive in nature with a strong foundation in fundamentals on human psychology owing to Aditi's Clinical Psychology background. 

This is a private 60 minute session conducted over Zoom. Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a questionnaire for basic screening. The timing/date will be mutually decided for the session. 

The fee for a block of three sessions is $333.33

When booking this service it is essential to keep in mind certain facts:

1. As intuitives and coaches, Erin and Aditi offer wisdom, knowledge and guidance based on their communication with spirit, and other intuitive and scientific tools they've acquired over the years. Any suggestions or advice provided can be accepted or disregarded by the individual based on their free will. 

2. The sessions will be based on the individual's needs that will be understood based on the questionnaire sent out. In 60 minutes, it is not possible to address every single need, and hence multiple session services have been made available. The structure of the session will be open ended, based on what Erin and Aditi intuitively feel guided to. However, each session will focus on your needs, with the order of priority mutually decided upon. Any home work provided is for your growth, and it then is up to you to put in the necessary work. Result depends on how much you're able to do yourself everyday.

3. Once the service is booked, we don't offer cancellations. After an appointment is confirmed at a mutually decided upon time and date, only one re-scheduling will be entertained. This is in case of emergencies. However, it is important you email us at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time to have it rescheduled. You will receive the meeting link once the appointment is confirmed.

In case you have questions, please check the FAQ section of our website before reaching out! Please read the disclaimer on our services at the bottom of our website.