Fundamentals of Spiritual Practice- Course

Fundamentals of Spiritual Practice- Course

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About the course

Over the years, we’ve come across several people with an inkling of establishing a connection with their spirit guides, or wanting to tap into the wisdom of their higher self or channel messages and pursue mediumship, but lacking a foundation or direction of where to begin. This course is all about that. It starts with the basic and necessary tools to begin a mindful and meaningful connection with your higher self and spirit.

We feel that it is essential to learn and practice from the ground up, much like the pursuit of a college degree that builds upon fundamental learning. Your knowledge base is key to your ability to work with your higher self, your ability to heal self, and ultimately your ability to continue to evolve your soul to your fullest potential and help others along the way.

During the course of 5 live video sessions via Zoom, we will focus on strengthening the roots of the practice- starting a meditation ritual, learning the essence of grounding and protection, understanding the auric field and the chakra system, healing the self, tapping into our intuitive abilities, and taking the journey our soul yearns.

Course will run from June 2nd to July 7th.

Timings: 11:00 AM EDT/ 9:00 AM PST

We will have a maximum of 12 students so as to focus on each individual and their experience. However, for this course to run, we require a minimum of 6 students.

Session Plan

1. Meditation as a practice- 2nd June

Everything begins with an understanding of why practice is necessary in the first place. During the first session, we will focus on the Why and How of a meditative practice.

In this session, we will focus on:

  • What mediation is?
  • Different types of meditations.
  • Why a meditative practice is important as a pre-cursor to mediumship.
  • Setting up a space and the importance of intention.
  • How it aids in navigating spiritual ascension and the awakening process.
  • Visual journeys to help listen to our innermost voice.

Guided meditation pertinent to the above topics and time to share experiences.

Closing of class with a healing circle exercise.

2. Energetic systems and the Chakras - 9th June

We are all energy, and when one interacts with another we create a frequency of vibration. Sometimes we are attracted to a person and feel we vibe well, and sometimes not so much. Understanding our energetic bodies and systems is of the essence when travelling through various frequencies, and interacting with several vibrations.

In this session we will focus on:

  • The Auric field
  • The Chakra System- 7 Chakras, each chakra function, identifying the blocked and guiding chakras
  • Meridians
  • Types of Energies

Guided meditation pertinent to the above topics and time to share experiences.

Closing of class with a healing circle exercise.

3. Spiritual Hygiene- 23rd June

Much like washing your hands to help prevent physical illness, a healthy understanding of spiritual hygiene will promote the safety of your etheric fields/energetic bodies/chakra system.

We’ll be discussing:

  • The importance of grounding and protecting your energies
  • Method of grounding and protecting your energies
  • Connecting to Mother Earth and Nature
  • Awareness of Moon cycles and what that means on an individual level
  • What does it mean to be an empath, and how to manage your energy if you identify yourself as an empath
  • The importance of discernment
  • Lifestyle choices and potential consequences

Guided meditation pertinent to the above topics and time to share experiences.

Closing of class with a healing circle exercise.

4. Healing the Self- 30th June

Now in possession of meditation practices, an understanding of subtle energies, discernment and spiritual hygiene, we can delve into a deeper understanding of healing self.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Working with Mantras
  • Self-care
  • Past Life Regression
  • Eckhart Tolle's Theory for Enlightened Living

Guided meditation pertinent to the above topics and time to share experiences.

Closing of class with a healing circle exercise.

5. Putting Knowledge into action- 7th July 

We’ll use this class time for discussion, questions, review, and guidance moving forward on your journey. We’ll share a meditation together and close with our healing circle exercise.

This course is for you if:

    • You’ve always wanted to start on a spiritual journey and not know how,
    • You have a desire to connect with your higher-self
    • You feel a push towards creating a self-care mindfulness practice.
    • You want to have a better understanding of yourself and your body, mind and spirit.
    • You’ve wanted to take up an introductory level course that's not intimidating, and helps you cultivate a daily practice.
    • You have a thirst for understanding energies, and energetic systems.
  • You are looking at exploring Mediumship 

Apart from everything mentioned above, you get:

  • Access to a private FB group, where students can interact with one another, and have an opportunity to clarify their doubts as well.

  • Sessions facilitated by two mediums- both Aditi and Erin, will bring in multiple perspectives, approaches and techniques under one roof. 

  • Access to the session recording to practice the meditations in between classes. 

Once you purchase this course, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions laid out on the website.